Please find some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

A question we are often asked is ‘what equipment will my child need to start swimming lessons?’. On day one you shouldn’t need anything beyond the basics of a costume and goggles. As your child progresses through the course syllabus your teacher will advise you on any additional equipment you might need. Equipment such as floats and noodles will be available from the school to use during lessons.

You don’t necessarily need a swim hat when first starting but long hair should be tied back. At squad and competition level hats should be worn by both girls and boys in order to cut down drag and secure goggles when swimming at speed.

Other equipment such as swimming fins, water bottles and swim hats are available through the school. Just ask your teacher for more information.

We also provide tips on buying certain pieces of kit in the Swim Equipment section of our News page.

We don’t offer trial lessons I’m afraid. We receive so many requests for trial lessons that were we to cater for them all then our existing pupils would be impacted by the increased group sizes and reduced teacher attention.

We are  however very happy for you and your child to come and watch our lessons and talk to other parents. Just let us know and we can give you directions and timings.

If your child is unwell and can’t attend a lesson we would be grateful if you could send us a message to let us know. Contact details can be found here. If you are trying to reach use on the day of the lesson itself a text message would be best as we are more likely to see this between teaching sessions than we would an email.

If your child has an injury or illness which will mean missing more than two weeks of the course then we will do our best to offer catch up lessons. These may take the form of an additional weekly lesson or an extra lesson in holiday time.

We understand that you will want to make up for these lessons but a refund or a reduction on a subsequent course cannot be offered.